Welcome to the Mondrian: A Study help page. Here we will cover the most common topics for help with navigating the site.

Mondrian: A Study is a collection of images and text about the life and works on Piet Mondrian. This information is arranged into a series of "plates" - starting with the Preface. The Preface is also the home page. This represents the start of the site.

Each "plate" in the site may contain text, images or both. You can navigate the plates in sequence using the navigational arrows at the bottom of the plate. If no plate is available the arrow will not be linked and will appear in a light grey.

You can jump to major points at any time using the "Site Contents" at the bottom of every page. These links will jump you to the appropriate plate to start your reading. In the footer you will also find a painting index linking to each painting that is featured in the site. A painting list is available via the link at the top of the page titled Paintings.

Mondrian: A Study is split in to several sections. These are broadly categorised as "The Early Years" (1872 - 1909), "The Middle Years" (1910 - 1929), "Later Years" (1930 - 1944) and "The Paintings List".

Some Changes

This site was redesigned in August 2010. During the redesign elements were moved around and some pages dropped altogether. The information and images remain and are now more accessible.

The following items have been removed in this refresh:

Unfortunately the original Flash source files could not be located to re-build the timeline information.


If you wish to link to the images used on this site, please kindly link to the painting plate and not the direct image. The paintings are all available via: /painting/<ident>. If it is not possible to link to the plate, please ensure you provide a note linking to the plate and this site.

For example: "Composition with White, Red and Yellow (1936)" can be accessed via: