"Mondrian - A Study” has been compiled to provide a single source for as much information about Mondrian as possible. The reasons for this have already been outlined in the Preface. If you have not already done, so please read this.

This web site was originally created using Dreamweaver MX and Flash MX in 2002 and has now been updated to run under the Scorpio Framework for PHP. The web site was originally written for HTML4, but has been re-written and updated to be XHTML 1.1 compliant. The site uses the 960 Grid System CSS framework.

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About the Author

David Redfern is a freelance senior developer / consultant with extensive experience in mobile and content systems. He is the lead developer of the Scorpio Framework for PHP - an open source development framework for PHP, hosted on SourceForge.

He has been building websites since the end of 1997 but is now involved in the back-end development. He has worked on many sites, both small and large and continues to develop PHP based solutions.

David loves to make use of new technologies and has an enthusiastic attitude towards IT in general. He has been a long time follower of all things IT related and can be regularly found reading articles online on all aspects of IT. For further information, please see the main site.